Système de refroidissement d'une anode pour tube à rayons X dans un bloc radiogène sans échangeur de chaleur.

X=ray tube fixed anode cooling system without heat exchanger - uses cooling loop passing through anode and extending through envelope wall


The fixed anode is cooled using cooling fluid in a circuit in the interior of an X-ray emitting vessel with metallic walls. A copper block encases refractory material of high atomic number and cooling fluid passes over the anode (7). The cooling fluid is inside several pipes (12) joined together against the wall in the form of a metallic hoop. The cooling circuit extends through the vessel wall. The anode may be for a monopolar X-ray tube with the anode fixed in the wall of the vessel block and the cooling fluid can be water or an electrically insulated oil, with the pipes are made of metal. USE/ADVANTAGE - Also bipolar tube; mobile medical treatment.
<P>L'invention concerne un système de refroidissement d'une anode fixe pour tube à rayons X placé dans un bloc radiogène comprenant un circuit de fluide de refroidissement passant dans l'anode et se prolongeant le long des surfaces du statif adjacentes au bloc radiogène, telles que l'arceau (3) portant ledit bloc. <BR/> Application aux tubes à rayons X, monopolaires et bipolaires.</P>




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