Dispositif de detection et de localisation d'une source radioactive emettrice de rayonnements gamma, utilisation dudit dispositif

Apparatus for detecting cancerous tumors has first device determining direction of gamma ray source relative to center of apparatus and second device determining center of source


<P>Dispositif de détection et de localisation d'une source radioactive émettrice de rayonnements gamma, caractérisé en ce qu'il comprend :. des premiers moyens pour déterminer la direction de la source émettrice des rayonnements gamma par rapport au centre du détecteur; des seconds moyens aptes à pointer la source d'émission radioactive.</P>
Apparatus has a first device determining the direction of a gamma ray source relative to the center of the apparatus and a second device determining the center of the source. The first device has gamma ray sensors and measures the gamma ray flux to determine the direction from the flux. The second device mechanically moves the detector so its cent reline is nearer the source. An Independent claim is included for the following: (a) Using the above apparatus to identify a gamma ray source in human tissue. Preferred Features: The sensor includes a scintillating crystal and a collimator with four parallel central channels and divergent peripheral channels. The gamma ray flux is measured by four photomultipliers receiving light from the crystal.




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