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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a game machine capable of making a player devote all his/her attention to a game and preventing excitement and enjoyment from decreasing by making it easy to recognize an operation part of a game medium dispensing device or the like.SOLUTION: A Pachinko game machine 1 includes: a game board having a playfield 1100 into which a game ball is hit by an operation by a player; a body frame 2 for detachably supporting the game board from the front side; and a door frame 5 having a door frame base unit 100 which is supported so as to be opened and closed to the front surface of the body frame 2 and provided with a game window 101 through which at least the playfield 1100 of the game board supported by the body frame 2 faces the player side when closed, a tray unit 300 which is arranged on the front surface of the door frame base unit 100 and on the lower side of the game window 101, protruded in an expanded condition to the front, and provided with an upper tray 301 capable of storing game balls to be hit into the playfield 1100, and a ball dispensing unit 360 which is arranged toward the front between the tray unit 300 and the game window 101 and is operable by the player.
【課題】遊技媒体の貸出装置等の操作部を認識し易くすることで、遊技者を遊技に専念させて興趣が低下するのを抑制することが可能な遊技機を提供する。 【解決手段】パチンコ機1に、遊技者の操作によって遊技球が打込まれる遊技領域1100を有した遊技盤と、遊技盤を前側から脱着可能に支持する本体枠2と、本体枠2の前面に対して開閉可能に支持されると共に閉鎖した時に本体枠2に支持された遊技盤の少なくとも遊技領域1100が遊技者側へ臨む遊技窓101を有した扉枠ベースユニット100、扉枠ベースユニット100の前面且つ遊技窓101より下側に配置され前方へ膨出すると共に遊技領域1100内へ打込むための遊技球を貯留可能な上皿301を有する皿ユニット300、及び皿ユニット300と遊技窓101との間で正面へ向けて配置され遊技者が操作可能な貸球ユニット360を備えた扉枠5と、を具備させる。 【選択図】図2




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