Electric neck traction machine for exerting traction within safety area of 300g or more by using weight, method for adjusting traction angle of electric neck traction machine, and method for turning electric neck traction machine



【課題】国内で使用されている頚部牽引機は圧縮ポンプの空気圧力で牽引されており、空気圧を使用する牽引力は5kg以下の牽引力では使用できず、5kg以下の安全な牽引力領域で牽引する事が希望されていた。 【解決手段】長尺パイプA内に吊り下げる複数個の重しで各患者に最適な牽引力で牽引できるようにし、足踏み板Bを踏んで牽引を解除し、牽引糸Fの1箇所をー定の負荷が加わると瞬時に切れるようにして安全を確保し、5kg以下の安全な牽引力領域で牽引できるようにし、頭上の牽引糸Fを希望する角度と旋回速度で左旋回や右旋回を交互に電動でできるようにした。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To solve the problem that a neck traction machine having been used in Japan exerts traction by the air pressure of a compression pump and traction force using the air pressure cannot be used when the traction force is 5 kg or less, so that it has been desired that the traction is exerted within a safe traction force area being 5 kg or less.SOLUTION: Traction is exerted on each patient by an optimum traction force by using multiple weights hanging inside a long pipe A. A step board B is stepped on to release the traction. One portion of a traction string F is allowed to be instantaneously cut when a fixed load is added thereby to secure safety. The traction is exerted within the safe traction force area being 5 kg or less, and the counter-clockwise turning and clockwise turning of the overhead traction string F are alternately electrically performed at a desired angle and turning speed.




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