Game machine



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent amusement from being impaired while maintaining the notification of opening/closing operations of a movable Yakumono (accessory).SOLUTION: The game machine comprises: a lottery means; a determination means; the movable Yakumono; a special symbol lottery part; a special symbol display device; a jackpot pocket; an image display means; an image display control means; and a notification image data storage means. The opening/closing operation, which is small in the number of times of opening and closing and the opening/closing operation which is large in the number of times of opening and closing, are specified as the opening/closing operations of the movable Yakumono, and the image display control means displays a notification image to the image display means when the opening/closing operation of the movable Yakumono is the one which is large in the number of times of opening and closing.
【課題】可動役物の開閉動作の報知は維持し、趣向性を損なうことを防止することを目的とする。 【解決手段】抽選手段と、判定手段と、可動役物と、特別図柄抽選部と、特別図柄表示装置と、大入賞口と、画像表示手段と、画像表示制御手段と、報知画像データ記憶手段と、を備え、可動役物の開閉動作として、開閉回数の少ない開閉動作と開閉回数の多い開閉動作とが規定されており、画像表示制御手段は、可動役物の開閉動作が開閉回数の多い開閉動作である場合に、報知画像を画像表示手段に表示する遊技機。 【選択図】図4




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