Floor slab structure using sandwich type composite floor slab panel



【課題】サンドイッチ型複合床版パネルの床版としての剛性が高く、変形が小さいという特性を利用した継手構造の合理化により、超急速施工が可能で、かつ耐久性にも優れた床版構造を提供する。 【解決手段】橋梁の主桁1上に架設される床版として、上下に配置した上鋼板3a、下鋼板3b、下鋼板3b上の橋軸直角方向に平行に配置したリブ材3cとしての複数本の形鋼及び4周の側板3eとで鋼殻を構成し、鋼殻内にコンクリート3dを充填したサンドイッチ型複合床版パネル3を用いる。サンドイッチ型複合床版パネル3どうしの突き合わせ部には継手を設けず、単に突き合わせた状態とするか、又は床版としての曲げ作用を実質的に伝達しない簡易的な継手部材で接合する。主桁1に対しては、サンドイッチ型複合床版パネル3は床版パネル接合部材を介してボルト接合するか、緩衝材または反力支持材もしくは床版パネル接合部材を組み合わせて接合する。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a floor slab structure having high rigidity as a floor slab of sandwich type composite floor slab panel, allowing super-rapid construction to be performed by rationalizing a joint structure by utilizing a characteristic that deformation is small, and also exhibiting excellent durability.SOLUTION: A steel shell is constituted as a floor slab installed on main girders 1 of a bridge, by an upper steel plate 3a and a lower steel plate 3b, a plurality of shape steels as rib materials 3c arranged in parallel in the direction perpendicular to the bridge axis on the lower steel plate 3b, and four rounds of side plate 3e, and a sandwich type composite floor slab panel 3 made of the steel shell filled with concrete 3d is used. No coupler is used for a butting part of mutual sandwich type composite floor slab panels 3, but the panels 3 are mutually joined only by butting or by a simple joint member which does not transmit bending action as the floor slab substantially. To the main girder 1, a sandwich type composite floor slab panel 3 is bolt-joined through a floor slab joining member, or joined by assembling a buffer material, a reaction support material, or the floor slab joining member.




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